«We are considering the possibility of building an Outlet on the territory of Kazan International Airport»

In commentary for RBC Tatarstan, Kravtsun said that the company is still considering the possibility of building an outlet similar to Moscow’s Vnukovo Outlet Village on the territory of the international airport.

In our opinion, the airport is a more promising location for the construction of such a facility, because it has high attendance. Potential customers of the outlet can be not only tourists, but also residents of the region. The launch of the Outlet Village in the area around the airport, which we would like to rent from the republic on the terms of public-private partnership will make Kazan International Airport a point of attraction not only for traveling tourists, but also for local residents.

We have no doubt that such a project is in demand outside the city, due to the fact that Kazan is a very strong city, in terms of tenant turnover, many brands are represented in the city directly, without partners. The transport accessibility of the airport in the capital of Tatarstan is quite high, the city has plans to develop this location, and potential buyers will be not only residents of Tatarstan, but also numerous guests from the Volga region, for whom Kazan is a popular tourist or shopping location.

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