6 12 2022

The head of KRAVT INVEST told «Izvestia» about the robotic hotel project

Construction of Russia’s first robotic hotel on the territory of the special economic zone «Innopolis» in Tatarstan will take about 2.5 years, we told Izvestia about the time needed for the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies, their testing and training of robots, as well as about future plans.

It is planned to invest 500 million rubles in the project, a third of the sum will be spent on the introduction of innovative technologies — they will be developed jointly with the Danish company Universal Robots, Kravt Invest CEO Valery Kravtsun told Izvestia. 30 rooms of the hotel plan to equip artificial intelligence technologies, which will analyze the preferences of guests taking into account more than 300 parameters, including public data of social networks.
Technology will be able to recognize the emotions of guests by the sound of voice, photo and even video, read their mood by appearance, assess satisfaction or fatigue. Based on the analysis of the data, equipment will be turned on or off, temperature and light will be regulated, food, drinks, and various services will be offered.

Artificial intelligence will communicate with guests through embedded technologies, probably with images and voice. According to Valery Kravtsun, the registration desk will also be equipped with a voice assistant with a holographic image. But at first there will still be a person at the reception. Flying robotic drones will escort the guests to their rooms, the doors to them will be opened using automatic guest identification. A robot barista will be placed behind the bar, and for anti-vandal purposes, police robots will be on duty in the hotel to record possible violations. In general, it is planned to introduce as many robots, up to cleaners and waiters. They will work 24/7 and communicate in the language of guests. One machine can replace two to six employees — so the hotel can minimize the staff and, as a result, optimize its costs.

In the future, the company wants to build similar hotels in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan.

The opinion of experts who shared our interest in robotizing hotels can be found in the Izvestia article on the link.

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